The use of honey in cooking

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In previous reviews, I talked about why we here at Medusha company, being the inventor of pure beeswax containers, fill our unique jars with white acacia honey, what healthy properties it has, how acacia honey and beeswax are used in traditional and folk medicine recipes, as well as for prevention and strengthening of immunity, improving the health of hair, skin and mucous membranes. We also examined how to identify fakes and unscrupulous beekeepers and what contraindications are.

Today’s review is addressed to gourmets and connoisseurs of the exquisite tastes that nature gives us. White acacia occupies an honourable place among the many varieties of honey, being the most valuable sort in terms of taste and the trace elements set contained. Taking into account only one-two-week blooming period, the limited growing area and the refined taste of acacia honey,  for a long time it is considered an exquisite treat that was presented as a tribute to the upper classes and rulers. Medusha puts into beeswax jars the highest quality honey, called the “virgin honey”, the first self-flowing from the honeycomb.

Chefs all over the world prefer acacia honey for “ease of communication” as it mixes well with other liquids due to high fructose content. Having a light caramel taste with a hint of vanilla and a long aftertaste, as well as due to the lack of bitterness, it does not interrupt the aroma of other dish components. So, acacia honey:

  • is part of energy drinks;
  • is used for baking meat, poultry and fish dishes, saturating the meat from the inside and forming a caramel crust on the outside;
  • is a common ingredient in sauces and seasonings;
  • is used as a sweetener in baby food;
  • goes well with cereals, vegetables and fruits, nuts and spices, wine and cheeses.
  • is added to professional cocktails.

People who gain weight easily should pay attention to acacia honey when cooking and replace sugar with it as much as possible. Properly formulated diets can help you lose weight weekly up to 5 kg.

And do not forget, Medusha is not only healthy and tasty food but also an authentic Ukrainian gift that guarantees unforgettable emotions. Buy Ukrainian!

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