#3 : Did you know?

Did you know that..,

by shape and consistency, natural honey may be:

  • “virgin honey”, the highest grade, the first nectar that flows naturally from the honeycomb, the most valuable product that you for sure fail to find on store shelves (Medusha is an exception);
  • honeycombs’, or so-called “raw honey”, is considered the purest, in addition, beeswax contained can be eaten;
  • the raw without beeswax (may include pollen and other by-products), is usually sold at fairs;
  • liquid filtered honey, to reduce the likelihood of crystallization, pasteurization and homogenization are often used. Sold in stores, exported;
  • dry honey, in the form of granules, flakes or powder, it is very rare and most often contains special additives;
  • lumpy honey is usually liquid honey with honeycomb pieces.
  • crystallized honey, a sugared dense substance.

In addition, distinguish between monofloral honey, when more than half of the nectar of the main plant is used for production. If honey is collected from honey plants of various types, it is called polyfloral. If honey is unripe, it will drain off the spoon, while mature honey will wrap like a ribbon.

And do not forget, Medusha is not only girlish acacia honey,  not just healthy and tasty food but also an authentic Ukrainian gift that guarantees unforgettable emotions. Buy Ukrainian!

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