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There are several reasons why Medusha should be present in every household, but today I’m going to tell you about the most important, the healthy properties of the acacia honey. Its micronutrient-rich ingredients have truly medicinal qualities. There is not a single organ in the human body that honey does not have a beneficial effect on. It does not contain fats and per 100 g there are 0.7 g of proteins, 17 g of water and 82 g of carbohydrates.

By making a gift of a jar of Medusha, you can help your loved ones of any age to replenish body vitamin deficiency in the autumn-spring period due to 435 useful for human health microelements contained, including:

  • a complete set of vitamins of group B, A, H, E, K;
  • about 42% fructose, as well as small amounts of glucose, malt and cane sugar;
  • phytohormones and flavonoids;
  • organic acids (malic, citric, aldonic, ascorbic and nicotinic acids)
  • nitrogen compounds;
  • poly and monosaccharides;
  • minerals – potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, etc .;
  • trace elements – lithium, copper, manganese, silicon, chromium.


Acacia honey helps cancer patients recover after chemotherapy. It has a particularly beneficial effect on eyes and skin mucous membranes. As a result of the high content of antibiotics in food, primarily in meat, pathogens stop responding to medications and treatment of skin problems, including open purulent wounds, alternative methods are becoming relevant. So, the main indications for the medicinal use of Medusha are:

  • due to its unique ingredients, acacia honey is a powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agent. It is often included as a component of wound healing ointments, and is also used for the plasters producing,  embrocations for eczema, boils, abscesses, psoriasis and so on;
  • a high iron concentration positively effects on the health of patients with anaemia, and regular use in small amounts increases haemoglobin improving the quality of blood, strengthening blood vessels and reducing blood pressure;
  • acacia honey is recommended for colds and as a treatment of many respiratory diseases, and it can be used not only orally, but in the form of inhalation. It helps to liquefy the viscous mucus accumulation in the branches of the bronchi and stimulates expectoration;
  • micronutrient-rich ingredients help during healing up of stomach diseases, the treatment of gastritis and ulcers, and activate the digestive processes. It is an ideal gift and delicacy for sweet food lovers with high stomach acidity for whom other types of honey are contraindicated;
  • due to its high calcium content, honey improves the integrity of nails, teeth and bones;
  • helps to cure cataracts, glaucoma and conjunctivitis. For this purposes honey is diluted with purified water and buried overnight;
  • it heals eczema, neurodermatitis, gingivitis, periodontal disease, dermatitis and ulcers, even by applying it on an open wound; 
  • it promotes rapid healing of damaged mucous membranes;
  • acacia honey is also used as an aphrodisiac so as it increases sperm activity;
  • it strengthens the heart muscle, cleanses the bile ducts and liver;
  • it may be used in case of poisoning with metal salts to neutralize toxic compounds;
  • it has a laxative effect, is useful in case of intestinal slagging, is used for the preparation of laxatives and enemas;
  • it has anti-ageing properties, nourishes, softens, renews and makes the skin of the body silky;
  • it strengthens the immune and nervous system, normalizes sleep, relieves overexcitation, and supports energy recovery. In case of a nervous breakdown, it is recommended to take 50 grams per day for a month.

The high fructose content makes acacia honey affordable for people suffering from diabetes. Another name for it is “baby honey” because acacia nectar is a hypoallergenic delicacy since the pollen content in it is minimal. This honey rarely causes an allergic reaction to children. By adding one teaspoon of honey to 0.1 litres of water, you can cure enuresis in children. And this is not the whole list of positive characteristics of acacia honey.


Do you know what?

Honey is able to neutralize alcohol. Giving a drunk person (whatever condition he is) a tablespoon every 30 minutes, you can cure alcoholism. And the resulting disgust can make one stop drinking at all.

It is important to remember that when heat-treated (including the so-called homogenization), any honey loses an overwhelming amount of healing properties.

In the next review, I’m going to tell you how Medushas’ acacia honey may be used in traditional medicine recipes, about possible contraindications as well as how to distinguish a fake and identify unscrupulous beekeepers. By the way, Medusha is not only healthy and tasty food but also an authentic Ukrainian gift that guarantees unforgettable emotions. Buy Ukrainian!

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