How to store honey properly

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Earlier, I explained why Medusha acacia honey should be present in every kitchen listing ingredients contained, rich in micronutrients and truly healthy properties. Today I’m going to raise a very important topic, namely how to properly store acacia honey so that it retains all its properties useful for the human body, which it is so rich in.

In order for acacia honey to retain it’s useful and healthy qualities, it is required to keep it in darkness and closed. In nature, bees put nectar in wax combs and seal it with a wax membrane. At Medusha, we actually reproduced this natural process when we developed the technology for casting beeswax cans and sealing it with a beeswax membrane. Bees technics that made by us.

When keeping opened, honey noticeably loses its specific gravity, mainly due to a decrease in the amount of moisture contained. When stored in a dry place, the volume of liquid in it is reduced by about 15%, and the weight is reduced up to 5%. On the other hand, in a humid place, non-closed honey absorbs moisture. For example with the humidity in the room about  60%, mature honey can become watery and, as a result, turn sour. In a dry room, honey can be stored at any temperature, but in a room with high humidity, the temperature should not exceed +10°C. During storage, one should take into account such a property of honey as absorbing odours, therefore, the storeroom must be clean. Especially should be avoided the proximity of vegetables to and solvents.

Important! In no case should the product be stored in metal or galvanized containers, as honey reacts with these elements and excretes toxic salts, the only exceptions are aluminium and steel.

The most suitable and natural medium for honey is beeswax, it is also well stored in linden wooden barrels, the coniferous containers endow the product with a resinous aroma, aspen makes it bitter, and oak has an ability to colourize it. In natural beeswax, honey can be stored without losing its healthy properties for up to 5 years, in other containers at temperatures from 10°C to 25°C more than a year, further, the product begins to lose its healing properties.

Store your honey in natural Medusha beeswax jars and do not throw it away after eating for reuse. And do not forget, Medusha is not only healthy and tasty food but also an authentic Ukrainian gift that guarantees unforgettable emotions. Buy Ukrainian!

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