A few words from the creator of Medusha ™

Medusha is the story about the Ukrainian soul that lives in honey. And in order to know it, you need to find it, carefully open it … but only in that honey has a soul that is guarded by the power of Nature – natural beeswax.

A technology of pouring honey into the bowls made of beeswax has come down to our days since the time of the Kingdom of Israel and is embodied in the products of TM Medusha. Not only in Ukraine but even around the world you definitely fail to find anything like what we produce.

We invented a unique formula for preserving the soul in natural 100% beeswax packaging. Our patented manufacturing process to produce biodegradable packaging recreates the bee’s work-cycle in pure nature. WE ARE CHANGING THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER. This is how Medusha was born – an exclusive gift with a Ukrainian soul.

We put emotions in every jar. You get not just an ingenious gift, but pure honey as an authentic Ukrainian product.

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