Variety of Medusha in Nature

a Winnie-the-Keg

The most popular jar among production Medusha is “Winnie-the-Keg”. An authentic Ukrainian souvenir comes from childhood, tasty and healthy because inside is natural acacia honey harvested in environmentally clean areas of Ukraine. A small gift that brings a lot of positive emotions!

a Honeycomb

A honeycomb is an amazing hexagonal symmetry: the form and materials born by nature. In such packaging, honey stores for ages keeping the original taste and healing qualities.

This kind of gift becomes a bond in your relationship with an important person for you, whether it is a family member, a close friend, or a business partner. Just one small honeycomb is the basis of the complex hive construction, as well Medusha can become an important brick in the basis of your relationship.

a Honey cone

A honey cone is one of the most uncommon shapes of Medusha products combine “three in one” – a natural acacia honey, a crispy nut mix, and a beeswax candle. Such a gift is befitting not only for Christmas or New Year but it also favourably emphasizes your refined taste and warm attitude. A marvellous gift for any festivity!

A honey candle 

A honey candle is a wonderful present for those who like to spend evenings in a warm family environment. Gift a honey candle to those who value the family hearth and peace of mind. The incomparable aroma of beeswax not only calms and rejuvenates but also fills your home with an admirable honey fragrance and summer warmth. And the honey inside the jar сolor one’s life with sweets and joys!

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