How to check the honey quality

Hello, healthy foods’ and lifestyles’ lovers!

In previous reviews, I told why we at Medusha chose acacia honey, what useful and healthy properties it has, what ailments it cures and shared a number of recipes for traditional medicine using not only honey but also beeswax every jar of Medusha is made: an environment-friendly gift with a Ukrainian soul. Today I’m going to tell you about unscrupulous beekeepers and traders who counterfeit acacia sort more often than other honey varieties, for obvious reasons.

What are the main qualities and characteristics inherent in natural acacia honey, respectively in Medusha products? The quality of honey can be quickly checked as follows:

immerse and take out honey spoon (or regular one), and you will see that our product does not stick, flows down evenly and quickly;

the absence of additives can be checked with a simple test, which requires one teaspoon of honey. Place it in a transparent container, add one teaspoon of alcohol, shake and analyze the sediment. If it fell out, then the honey was diluted with starch, flour or even chalk. You have every right to spit in the face of such a supplier.

You can also define it:

  • in colour, fresh acacia honey should correspond to its white or slightly amber and not be cloudy;
  • in aroma, this product has a fragrant, not sharp aroma, and has a long aftertaste without bitterness. The counterfeit is odourless, and tastes like water with sugar;
  • in consistency, natural honey is delicate, if you rub a drop of it between your fingers, then it is quickly absorbed into the skin, in contrast to fakes, which have a rough texture and can roll into lumps;
  • chemically, the presence of starch or flour is detected when an iodine drop is added, the honey solution turns blue. The addition of chalk may be detected by the fizz when adding vinegar.

And further. The vast majority of the honey you can find on shelves has gone through a homogenization process mixing batches from different suppliers to homogeneity, a process involving heating. And when heated, honey, unfortunately, loses many healthy properties. But it’s not relevant to Medusha, so our honey may differ slightly from batch to batch, and each one is tested on by the food laboratory. 

By the way, Medusha is not only healthy and tasty food but also an authentic Ukrainian gift that is guaranteed to give unforgettable emotions. In the next article, I’m going to raise such an important topic as contraindications for taking honey, stay with us and buy Ukrainian, buy Medusha!

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