MEDUSHA™ is changing the world for the better.

We have invented a unique technology for the packaging of natural beeswax having re-created the original process of storing honey by bees in nature as honeycombs.

In fact, bees are our B2B partners and supply us with high-quality honey and beeswax free of pesticides and antibiotics. Our suppliers have been never fed sugar.

MEDUSHA™ is the patented manufacturing process of biodegradable jars that recreates the bee’s life cycle in pure nature. We follow it to preserve natural honey by sealing with a beeswax membrane. That’s how MEDUSHA™ born.

Premium Honey

Made with Ukrainian Soul

MEDUSHA™ is the story about the Ukrainian soul that lives in honey. And in order to discover it, you need to find it, carefully open it …
…but only the honey protected by the Force of Nature has a soul.

MEDUSHA™ has succeeded in inventing this Soul Preservation Formula: our honey is packed into natural beeswax.

This is an authentic gift with a Ukrainian soul.

Authentic UA Gift

About the company:

LLC Medusha

Legal address: 52005, Dnipropetrovsk region, Slobozhansky, Vasily Sukhomlinsky st, 98.

Contact phone: +380 (67) 816 76 76


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