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Ekaterina Muralova

Sourced by nature. Medusha selects pure ingredients from the heart of the untouched natural reserves of Ukraine. Like bees, Medusha packs with love high-quality organic honey into 100% natural beeswax honeycombs using own patented technology. Delight yourself with the best honey of Ukraine.

Olga Bafoeva

Guys, Medusha is really delicious honey, the best I’ve ever tried recently. Lively and light white acacia, packed into the most mega-super healthy packaging made of beeswax. There is a wide range of jars shapes and volumes. A sincere and truly healthy gift!

Tatyana Krupskaya

Medusha possess first-class customer service! Just made an order, and it has already been delivered!

Julia Shilova

Cold and snow, and there is no а single light shining in the night, brrr… Love saves, also fireplace and tea, jolly well with honey. This year, honey is not in three-litre pot a-la blast from the last, but Medusha honey in a stylish jar made of natural beeswax. All guests are crazy about it […]

Stanislav Gorbachevsky

Medusha has one significant disadvantage – it’s such an amazing package that it’s a pity to open it, and I still didn’t taste the honey 🙂 I take it out of the cupboard, enjoy the scent and put it back :-)) What am I supposed to do with that?

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A gift is foremost a symbol of empathy. This is the material embodiment of feelings and promptings, such as caring, sympathy, attention, love, friendliness, and even apologies and a desire to build relationships. This is your ability to feel another person. But what to do if you are not sure about the preferences of the gift recipient? The answer is simple - it is a delicious gift. And if it is both unusual and healthy, you are guaranteed to be rewarded with positive emotions and the strengthening of emotional bonds. And all mentioned above are just about the products of Medusha, being that we produce not just sweets in bio-packaging, but an authentic Ukrainian gift as a combination of an original jar of 100% natural beeswax and the native healing power of natural honey.

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